Well… the day is actually here.  We had hoped to get this blog up and running about 365 days ago as we blogged about how we planned for a year long trip around the world.  But – of course- life gets in the way.

The last five days have been a whirlwind journey through the stresses of packing, the trials of deciding whether Jeni or Stephen had the best idea for luggage management, and the tribulations of near-arguments on an hourly basis.

The good.


This is all four of our WINTER COATS combined into a small space.  Go Jeni!  Her three favorite things are now:  Chef Alex Atala from D.O.M. (ladies, check out his episode on Netflix’s Chef’s Table), a bottle of Cab Franc, and compression sacks!

The bad.


E and Jeni in one suitcase.  S and Stephen in another suitcase.  Checklists abound!  And yes, those are Psycho Bunny boxers making their way around the globe.

The ugly.


O.M.G.  Going through all the stuff we transported from Cali in hopes that it might be needed on the RTW trip.  Guess what percentage of this stuff actually made the cut!  Not a high number.

But fortunately, at some point we need to zip up all the bags and make our way to the airport.  And we have just enough time in the Centurion Lounge, Terminal D at DFW, to have a glass of sparkling and make our first blog and Instagram postings.  Check out BepkosGoGlobal on Instagram for more sporadic photos of our journey.


…and did you notice the slightly skewed angle of us?  Shout out to my savvy brother who, as king of social media, taught E this trick for taking photos.

Anyway, Jeni is flying a different itinerary to Costa Rica so she needs to head over to her gate for the flight.  But we will report again once we are in the Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica!