Quick post – it’s been a crazy 24-hours.

Initially told by American Airlines customer service phone team that bags would be checked from DFW to LIR despite a (just-over) 12-hour layover in Miami.  Not true so we have to pick-up three bags at MIA, transport to hotel for evening, transport back to airport in 10 hours, re-check three bags, cross fingers everything goes smoothly.  HINT: it does not.

DFW to MIA flight delayed 40-minutes for sick flight attendant.

Arrived at MIA around 0100.  Baggage around 0140.  Sheraton shuttle driver mistakes my waving arms for a “go-around-I’m-just-waiting-outside-the-departure-area-at-the-hotel-shuttle-location-at-2AM-for-my-own-health-and-obviously-just-exercising-when-I-wave-my-arms” motion at 0205.

Finally get to the airport Sheraton – picked solely as it’s the closest hotel to the airport – only to find out they have given our room away.  Excuse is either the weather patterns around MIA cancelling flights vs. Real Madrid/FC Barcelona football match sucking up our hotel room.  But they have secured a hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton… which is a 30-minute drive away.

Arrive at replacement hotel around 0300 and arrive in room around 0315.  Instead of two queen beds at the Sheraton for myself, E and S (Jeni is traveling via a different route because we used miles for this first leg), there is one bed and a couch.  Dad gets the couch.

In the AM, have to get moving while looking out over the nice beach on the Atlantic.  Would have been nice to have a swimsuit and 24-more hours (BE CAREFUL WHAT ONE WISHES FOR!)

Supposed to take taxi back to Sheraton for reimbursement, then transfer over to airport shuttle back to MIA.  Should have just eaten the taxi reimbursement and went straight to the airport.  The extra stop probably added 15-20 minutes to our transit time.

Arrive 2-hours in advance.  Told by AA personal we needed to use main customer line instead of quick baggage drop off… but no worries because flight already delayed 45 minutes.  Wait.  And wait.  And wait some more in line.  Finally arrive up front and flight is closed because flight was NOT delayed and the line took so long.  Initially told we would have to wait until next flight out of MIA which is the following day.  There were tears.  Maybe from me.  Maybe from E and S.  I’m not telling.

But luckily, after another 60 minutes at the counter they re-route us back to Texas and onto a United flight later that night.  At least we were able to fly Business class on AA back to IAW.

Arrive at IAW.  Trek over to E terminal from A terminal, and off we go to LIR.  Not even time to stop for a quick glass of champagne at the AmEx Centurion Lounge…

United flight goes smoothly.  Arrive LIR with 100% of Bepko family members.  But only 66% of the bags.  Luckily the missing bag is the alcohol which was packed in box.  And while I would miss the Del Dotto “port” and the champagne should the luggage remain lost… we did bring this stuff to Costa Rica for a reason!

At least customs and immigrations was rápido and uneventful.  This airport shuttle doesn’t pass us by and we finally arrive at the Hilton Garden Inn- bringing to an end a crazy 24-hours to start our world travels.  Let’s hope we have gotten many of the airport shenanigans out of the way.  One family only has so much resilience to handle shenanigans.