Costa Rica with crab

Yes, we know.  We actually left from DFW two days ago, but today (July 30th) is officially day #1.  We checked into our two beach houses situated on Playa Grande, Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica.  Our house is the Villa Olivia while we have friends staying right next door at the Casa Mirage.  It’s a little bit of a walk between to two homes, but with a little luck – the beach crabs can be avoided.

Depending on the tide, we are either 30 yards from the waterfront… or 100 yards from the waterfront.  And the waves are great for boogie-boarding and even a little surfing depending on the time of day.

The master bedroom has an incredible view of the Pacific.  I love getting a hammock, a coconut tree, and the crashing waves all in one photograph.


We are going to be relaxing here for the next few days, so hopefully we will have time to provide a few introductory-type posts for those who join us later and might not know who the Bepkos are.

We also will describe the purpose of this blog and how we hope to report about our experiences as we Go Global for a year.  Between our kiddos explaining their perspectives, to my love of sparkling wines and all things bubbly, to Jeni’s passion for running in new places… we hope to have something that many old and soon-to-be new friends might find interesting.  And maybe – just maybe – we can encourage another family out there to decide to follow their dream and make their own journeys and experiences while traveling the world.

Now… the waves are calling us for today.