As our week of relaxation along the coast of Costa Rica ends, we find ourselves in the Liberia airport once again.  When we arrived a week ago (in the dark of night), it did seem like the airport was slightly more modern that how we remembered it from before…  in daylight, we were able to see the old airport (Jeni and Stephen flew into the older airport back in 2011).  Guess which one is the new one?

Flew Copa Airlines for the first time.  Pretty much on par with the big American airlines although we did get a small sandwich and alcoholic beverage gratis – all for just a 90 minute flight between neighboring countries.  Plus, we were so happy to actually have this set of reservations go without a hitch!  Not only did we NOT miss the plane, but the plane arrived at our destination on time.  BONUS!


And of course, E was mandated to take a selfie for posterity purposes.

IMG_0479Our experience with Tocumen International Airport wasn’t bad at all.  It’s a pretty large airport and a hub for Copa Airlines.  We were originally planning on just flying through Panama City on the way to Lima, but the great staff at AirTreks was able to get us a 3-day layover in order to see the Panama Canal.  As much as we are trying to minimize our overnight locales, we felt we couldn’t pass us an opportunity to see one of the great engineering marvels of the world.  More to come on our upcoming journey through the locks…

Finally arrived at our hotel in the Casco Viejo area of the capital of Panama.  Decided against staying at the big hotel chains in the more modern part of the city for a quaint hotel in the old city.


So the building behind us clearly has seen better days.  But the hotel garden areas were lovely – and the welcome gift of Panamanian rum (straight up!) doesn’t hurt.

Awesome room and one in which all four of us can stay.  Hard to find these types of stays outside of the United States.


There were balconies outside all the windows with great views of the adjacent older buildings.


Cannot wait to explore this area tomorrow!

Now that we are away from the leisurely pace of the Costa Rica “pure vida”, we hope to throw out a post on an almost daily manner.  Hope y’all keep following us!