Our apartment in Santiago was a great find. We had a great location in the Los Condes area. We had plenty of hot water, drinkable water, and were able to flush toilet paper! We were steps away from restaurants, shops, and grocery stores. And there was a wonderful park (Araucano Park) right across the street. We struck HomeAway gold!

The park didn’t stretch for miles as Lima offered, but it was a great running park. Like Lima, Santiago has a wealth of parks that are perfect for napping, picnics, strolling with dogs, and sports.  My running park was easiest one of the prettiest in Santiago. It was actually a large park connected by a foot bridge to a second park (Juan Pablo Park). The perimeter was nearly a 4 mile loop. The park housed an ice skating rink, skate park (two), bird house, playgrounds (too many to count), exercise equipment, a church, dog parks, and plenty of wide open green space. In the center area was a collection of cafes, restaurants, a food truck park, and entertainment venues.  The park had a fence around it with several openings to a surrounding sidewalk. Since the park had so much to offer while running, I didn’t explore other areas! I felt perfectly safe running in this area. My only obstacle was dodging the constant flow of people into the park from the surrounding office buildings for lunch/café stops. There were several footpaths throughout the park and if you stayed on the most exterior (closest to the fenceline), you avoided most of the foot and bike traffic.

I enjoyed 4 runs in the park at different times of day throughout our week in Santiago. We even forced the kids outside to play for a couple of hours one day. On another afternoon,  my son and I found a “dachshund meet-up”. We had to love on a few of the dogs— we have had three dachshunds as a family.


Although the park was surrounded by urban apartment buildings, the glass sided buildings showcased the beauty within the park. Santiago is sometimes called “Sanhattan” for its resemblance to Manhattan and this park reminded by of Central Park in many ways. One side of the park housed a huge shopping area (outdoor and indoor shopping mall, Home Depot like store, large supermarket, and restaurants) while the other side was the beginning of the financial district. I especially enjoyed several places to stop for coffee after my run on the walk back to the apartment.

My running was a bit slow to take off in Santiago since my lungs needed to recover from the altitude of Cuzco but I enjoyed exploring the various corners of this park. The surfaces were great for running (no asphalt!). My garmin data certainly shows my explorations!


I didn’t run every day…my knees don’t like more than 3 days of running in a row. Luckily, the apartment had a spin bike on the balcony! This apartment was just perfect!




Another reason for running in Santiago…..treating yourself to Helado!