I have been asked….what did you take? How did you pack?

I knew from the beginning that I would have time to exercise! My goal is to do something everyday. And I don’t always run. When at a hotel with a gym, I take advantage of cross-training. When I can’t run or decide not to run, I know Fitness Blender will provide me with a quality work-out via streaming. I have started streaming yoga classes on-line but still miss my Akasha Studio in California. There is always core work (those dreaded push-ups and sit-ups). And when nothing else seems appealing, the stairs workout is a great option (because there are always stairs at hotels/apartments)!

  • I looked for shirts that would dry easily if washed in the shower (washers are not a guarantee). Luckily I purchased a quick-dry selection in the day before we left! Good move on my part.
  • I planned on using sports bra twice before washing. I usually hang them out to “air” after each wearing. I chose my sports bra based on fit; but one takes longer to air dry after washing. Not the best move on my part.
  • I chose capris/shorts with zipper back pockets and side pockets to carry phone/hotel key/money so I wouldn’t need to carry a flip-belt. One of my shorts has stretching on the side pockets (those shorts are a couple of years old) and I may have to replace them. I have two shorts (one upper thigh and one mid-thigh) and one knee-length capris.
  • I looked for items that were multiple-functional. The running capris needed to be able to work as “touring” pants. At least two of my shirts could be worn as “touring shirts”. I don’t like wearing sports bra as “regular” bras, but I could if needed. Running/athletic socks could be worn with my walking shoes (although my 14 yo cringes at the bright colors).
  • For running shoes, I chose my trusty Nike Frees as my running shoe. I also brought my trail shoes (Brooks Cascadia) for hiking.
  • I added in a hat, my garmin, wireless earbuds (good for airplane travel also), and a hand carry water bottle.
  • I am 7 weeks into this journey and I have used every piece of athletic gear multiple times. I have had to wash some exercise gear in the shower, but I definitely didn’t over or under pack.
Nike Frees and Brooks Cascadia (both are getting plenty of foot time)!
Two short capris and longer capris. All three have been in my at home running wardrobe.
Two short sleeve shirts and one long-sleeve tech shirt along with 2 favorite run bras.