Warning! Running (or any exercise) after a 3 hour (maybe longer) multiple course lunch and wine (several glasses) makes for interesting runs. The hard-driving schedule for Mendoza was a lazy morning at our house (on a winery), lunch, nap, run, small dinner, fire, bed….repeat!


We stayed on a boutique winery property Finca Ogawa about 1.5 hours outside of Mendoza.  The property housed a small tasting room/farmhouse, several rental houses, play set for kids (complete with a zip line), several areas of vines, and a small orchard. The Andes were on full display our entire stay although some mountain peaks played peek-a-boo with cloud cover. The winery was not very large, so running consisted of circling the property at least 2-3 times to make 3 miles. Due to the nature of the road leading up to the winery (large rocks with some dirt scattered amongst larger rocks), running was not attempted on this road. Even though I ran the same property for 5 days, I seemed to always discover something new.  There were 2 dogs on the property who would join me for part of the run; so I was always looking for them. There was one horse on the property (always in a different location). And if  I ran by the chicken-coop, everyone thought it was feeding time!  The actual terrain was tricky but manageable. There was no actual pavement on the property; it was loosely packed dirt and mud around the vines/orchards and then rocky roads on the one “road” through the property. Since I didn’t have to worry about my surroundings (no traffic, no bikers to avoid, no skateboarders), I was able to really let my mind relax and I had some wonderful runs. I ran solo for nearly all my runs. And I really enjoy that solitude and the ability to get lost in a run. Really….what beats a view of the Andes? And the view was always there!

I have combined my pictures from all my runs into one slideshow (since they are all taken on Finca Ogawa). If you ever travel to Uco Valle, Finca Ogawa would make a great place to stay.

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There were two amazing sunsets…the other nights were obscured by cloud cover. I was lucky enough to finish running both days as the sunset was starting.


My longest run at Finca Ogawa for 4 miles (the others were 3-3.5 miles). The garmin tracking almost makes my dizzy with the twists and turns!

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 3.13.04 PM

Goodbye Andes……until we meet again.