Sun City was a quick stop for us. We had only two full days at the resort. A resort means access to a gym. When we stay at hotels with gyms, I aim for a daily workout. I have been trying to not let 2 days pass without a workout for 2017 and that counts our travel days.

I was completely depleted by the time we finally arrived in our hotel room from our travel day- so that was my rest day. The following day, we were busy as a family. By the time we headed back to our room and started changing for a workout, the sun was setting. The hotel personnel strongly discouraged walking (and running) on the property (away from the immediate hotel area) after dark so that left a gym workout. In truth, the puzzled look on the concierge’s face was priceless when I asked if it was safe to run outside. It was a short ride to the Golf Center, which housed the gym. There was a nice selection of cardio machines and weight machines. I wanted to run the following day, so I opted for a cardio workout with elliptical and stationary bike.

The following day, we (hubby and I) made a point to get a run in. We headed out from our hotel (Palace of Lost Cities) towards the Sun City main entry thinking it would be about 2 miles one way. It was then that we discovered that Palace of Lost Cities was on the highest point of Sun City; which meant 2 miles of gentle downhill followed by 2 miles of gentle uphill. We ended up with a bit more than 4 miles and the second half felt more like 3.5! The path was mostly sidewalk with some asphalt. The landscape of Sun City is a lush forest providing habitats for birds, monkeys, and baboons. The landscaping also provided shade for our run out. Although we could hear the birds, we actually couldn’t find the ones making the noise! I was on the lookout for snakes but we didn’t cross any (a good thing). We did see a baboon but I wasn’t quick enough with my camera. It had been several days since a good outdoor run, so it felt great to run outside. Someone  pinch me—- I just ran in Africa!

I know my running days are limited once we move beyond Capetown (at least until New Zealand), so I am trying to embrace every stride outside. While I may not have postings of runs while in Namibia, Kenya, Egypt, and India, I will continue posting on my activities. My exercise isn’t about weight control but achieving a balance. I find that I gravitate towards running and yoga because I enjoy those activities so much. I have missed my yoga for breath control and it helps my body handle my running without aches and pains. I don’t think I will gain the same benefit with yoga videos as I did in the studio, but I need my yoga. And I have failed at finding classes while traveling (except for Buenos Aires). Although I am content with a treadmill run, I prefer running outdoors. If I am on the treadmill, I usually try to mix it up with one of these great little routines treadmill workouts. I have never had a solid strength routine but while at home, I was good about adding 10 minutes after runs. To keep my core strength, I am focusing on  50 basic moves four times a week:  sit-ups, push-ups, squats, lunges, clamshells, 50 sec bridge, and 50 sec plank.

Capetown next!