I love beach running. I just love beach running. Just absolutely adore beach running. I don’t even mind the toe blisters. Did I mention that I love beach running?

Guess what? Great beaches in Seychelles made for great beach running.

I had a relative drought of running outdoors while in Namibia and Kenya. I had remained active with a combination of yoga videos, HIIT routines, and some access to gyms.

The Seychelles roads are not running friendly no shoulder, no sidewalks, lost of blind corners. Luckily our hotel was right on the beach and I just had to walk out the door. My wonderful runs of Costa Rica were quickly resurfacing. Seychelles is known for its beaches and that reputation is well deserved. We stayed at Le Meridien on Beau Vallon (Mahe Island). This beach is one of the prettiest spots in Seychelles and therefore one of the most popular spots. We were located on one end of the beach which made for perfect running! I would head towards the boulders nearly just over a  mile away and depending on the tide I would either scamper over and run further or turn around. Then repeat until I had my full! I never felt the beach was crowded and was easily able to run along (even at sunset one evening). The texture of the sand definitely changed with the tide and I found that low-tide was a better time to run. The views were just amazing and I easily fell into rhythm. Since the beach was so accessible, Stephen and I were able to run individually and together. I do miss my solo runs when I don’t worry about slowing him down and have just my thoughts. I had several great runs, but my favorite was a sunset run. As the sun began to slip lower on the horizon, the colors changed over the beach, island, and surrounding trees. I was able to enjoy the entire sunset throughout the entire run.

As a bonus, I had a couple open water swims. The water was crystal clear! Even in water well above my head, I had clear visibility of the marine life. I was lucky enough while swimming at Beau Vallon to spot a turtle and an octopus amongst the coral. I swam again at Anse Georgette and while it didn’t have the same amount of marine life; I swam over a very large stingray!

A practical sidenote- running on the beach and open water swimming is great for the traveler. No dirty work-out clothes!

And as a bigger bonus….yoga! The hotel offered yoga classes once a week. Yoga on the beach! Great! Yoga on the beach with your own personal instructor! Even better! Yoga on the beach with your personal instructor that extends the class time! Even better!

We spent a couple of days in Praslin also. We were just across the street from the Grand Anse beach. I wore running clothes since we had to walk down the street and across the road. The beach wasn’t as nice as Beau Vallon due to the amount of seaweed that had washed ashore. I decided to wear shoes for this beach to save my toes from the seaweed! This beach was on a long, shallow bay that is used by local fisherman. It is also a favored spot for windsurfing. This beach run was harder than the runs on Mahe. I am not sure if it was the higher humidity or the shoes! Or it could have been the sunset. The final dip of the sun was blocked by clouds, so it was only slightly amazing instead of spectacular!

Here is the Garmin data showing each of the two beaches. Please don’t pay attention to the pace; sand running slows me down!