Abu Dhabi, UAE

I had one outside run in UAE along the corniche while in Abu Dhabi. I didn’t take any pictures since it was already dusk (but I did really run it)!

We had stayed at Le Meridien and walked about 2 blocks to the seawall. The Corniche extends for about 8 km along the water’s edge. It is a large paved sidewalk decorated with manicured lawn and gardens. Along the way, cafes and restaurants are located. We encountered some crowded areas but were generally able to run freely. We haven’t seen so many other people outside running since Santiago, Chile. We say men and women running in all clothing types (traditional Muslim dress to western exercise clothing).

I can’t seem to find my Garmin data, but we ran  6 miles. My Garmin stopped sending data to my laptop or about 2 weeks in November (insert frustration and grumbling). We went out for about 3.5 miles and then turned around. Once the sun sets, the temperature drops nicely and it was pleasant for running. The pathway was well lit with overhead lights. The area was populated but it we didn’t have to pick our way around people. I felt my clothing was appropriate and didn’t feel out of place. We felt completely safe- I could have run solo without any concern.

Dubai, UAE

We were busy with playing at Atlantis while in Dubai; so our exercise time was slightly limited. And it was just too hot for daytime running; which is why we played at the waterpark so much. There were plenty of open pathways around the resort that would have made a great early morning run. It would have been challenging to run in the late afternoon or early evening just due to foot traffic. The Atlantis Gym was the best I have seen so far. There were plenty of cardio machines, weight machines, free weights, and plenty of room for floor work.

I was lucky enough to take a yoga class in the Atlantis Aquarium.



There was no outdoor running in Egypt; I didn’t even consider it at all. While in Cairo, I had a nice hotel gym at the Four Seasons. While on the Tosca (our river boat), there was a small gym. I was surprised that was even a gym, so I was happy for a treadmill and bike. While the equipment wasn’t the best, the view was pretty nice! And it was good that I wasn’t three inches taller or I would have been brushing the ceiling while on the treadmill. I don’t understand the purpose of the “vibration” machines but I have been seeing them at various gyms. The boat had two in the small exercise room.

Bonus- yoga one afternoon on the upper deck! Double bonus- the muscle stretch and massage after yoga!


We stayed at three places in Oman- Desert Nights Camp, Niswa, and Muscat. I attempted running at Desert Nights Camp in the sand- that didn’t last long. I did a couple HIIT routines on our front porch. While at a wadi I saw about 40 very fit marathoners enjoying the area. It turns out they had just finished the Oman Desert Marathon. I have to admit; I am more than slightly intrigued.

Although I could have run outdoors in Oman (a running route was available at the hotel), I would have felt very uncomfortable in western running clothes and I wasn’t willing to run in long pants and long sleeves. So I opted to stay with the gym at the Sheraton. Stephen and I did manage a trek on our last day which is a separate blog post.