I had one additional run on the South Island. I managed a quick four miles while in Franz Glacier between family activities. Since I was pressed for time, I ran along the road towards the small town and then back again to the motor lodge instead of exploring a trail. We were hoping the clouds would clear for an afternoon heli-hike but I couldn’t even see the top of the mountains during the rain. The difference of the view between the previous day was quite dramatic. It was a humid run…..there was definitely a lot of moisture in the air.

Running North Island again….

It was several days on the North Island before I had a chance to run. While in Cambridge (for Hobbiton), we stayed at a B&B in a “neighborhood” and even though it was blazing hot, I needed a run. The area is relatively quiet and running was easy. I ran towards a large open green area that appeared to use for horses on the weekend. I found some shade underneath huge trees. We decided to head to a local lake for a quick afternoon swim since it was hot and New Zealand homes aren’t equipped with AC.

I was able to get in a couple good runs in Auckland. The first run was at  Western Springs Park which was a short walk from our rental. It started with sidewalk/path running around pond. The pond was full of black swans, ducks, and geese. I know the reputation of geese, and gave them plenty of room. I spotted a trail heading off into a forested area, so off I went. I will run on a gym treadmill but prefer outside running. I will run outside on sidewalks but prefer park running but love trail running. I was in trail heaven for about 20 minutes until a nasty gnarly tree root snagged me. Down I went and hard! I managed to save hitting my face with my wrists but it was full body weight. I limped with a slow run back to the house after that wipeout. Both of my hands were pretty scraped up and my wrist was significantly swollen by the time I arrived home. I was slightly worried I broke my scaphoid, but the swelling and pain slowly resolved after a few days.


I was back to running once the wrist healed up but headed to Auckland Domain. This park is amazing! I picked my way through this park for 6 miles- around a pond, past War Memorial, down Lover’s Lane, around practice fields, and even a small trail. I didn’t follow a route or pay attention to my time. I was just so thankful that I didn’t have a broken wrist. The park had a “charity peace mile” that I had to run. The track passed around a large sports field with rugby and cricket practices. My run was on a weekend day and the park was full of walkers, runners, families, dogs, sport practices. This run is one of my favorites of the year!


I have had a blast running through New Zealand. My NY resolution is intact- daily exercise for 20 minutes and daily push-ups! On to Australia!