Running is Sydney was great! I had two beach runs at Bondi Beach and a longer run along a coastal pathway. We had a spacious apartment and I had enough space for strength training and HIIT routines. I even managed a yoga class at a local studio.

Bondi Beach

This beach is about one kilometer in length so I had a bit of back and forth running to hit three miles. The sand is well packed and the beach has a gentle slope so barefoot running is easy. Still, my toe pads weren’t going to be happy with more than three miles. Even though the beach was pretty crowded, it was easy to have room without having to dodge beach goers. The best part of beach running? Cooling off in the water afterwards! I ran on this beach on two separate days (each time for about three miles). According to my garmin data, I must have been jumping from surfboard to surfboard (since it appears I was running on the water).


Bondi to Coogee

I decided to tackle the coastal path from Bondi to Coogee as a long run. While 6.5 miles doesn’t count as a long run for some, at this point in my running- it was a long run! The idea was to start early in the morning before it was hot and crowded; the idea was good, the execution was not. The coastal path is mostly sidewalk pavement along the shore so I didn’t run it barefoot. I did lose the path at one point and my path dead-ended into water! There was a lot of elevation changes as I rounded around different bays and some stairs in areas. I didn’t quite make it to Coogee and started heading back after Clovelly Beach. A smarter runner would have brought bus far but again, my execution wasn’t great on this morning. Clovelly Beach may have been my favorite of the beach of the run. It was a very narrow finger of a beach jutting between the cliffside. The surf wasn’t as rough as at Bondi or Bronte due to the protection of both sides. There was a large seawater pool on one side with lap-swimming.


Up next? Our Asia leg (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Japan). I am hoping to get a few runs in depending on the air quality and sidewalk traffic!