I had three stops in Singapore but one was an airport layover, so I had two visits that allowed time for running. We were visiting in March and May with average temps in the 80’s (and some humidity also) which limited my desire to run outside.

Although Singapore is a large urban city, it has focused on bringing greenery into the midst of the skyscrapers, so there were plenty of places for running. I always saw runners and the biggest hurdle is dodging tourists and waiting for traffic lights (DON’T jaywalk in Singapore).

I had one run with my husband while we staying at a hotel on the Singapore River in Robertson Quay area. We followed the river towards the Marina Sands and crossed over the Helix Bridge before heading back to our hotel. There were plenty of sights to take in: Fullerton Hotel, Arts House Performing Arts Center, Victoria Theater, Parliament House,  Asian Civilization Museum, the Helix Bridge, Arts Science Museum, and Merlion.   

For my second outdoor run, I headed out from our second hotel. This time we were located by Orchard Road and the Newton Train Station. I was running solo for this run. A shout-out to Great Runs (https://greatruns.com/location/singapore/) for this run recommendation. This website was a huge reference for helping me to find runs while traveling. I would also use ParkRun and MapMyRun to search for runs. I always enjoy running through Botanical Gardens, so that was my destination. Luckily, many cities don’t charge admission to these gardens so it is perfect for a running exploration. The Singapore Botanical Gardens were designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2015. These gardens include the National Orchid Garden with thousands of orchids. The park spreads across 18 hectares and I know I missed some areas completely. The gardens even have a small tropical rainforest which predates the Botanical Gardens. A rainforest in the middle of Singapore! I am directionally challenged, so I spent a lot of time working through various trails/paths. I was pretty spent by the end of the run (a combination of heat, humidity, and miles). But a visit to the Newton Hawker Food Court warded off the hunger!

Even though I wasn’t running outside much, I was staying active in the hotel gyms with circuit work, running, and biking. I even fit in a short strength work-out while in the lounge at Singapore Airport.

The only way to support regular exercise while traveling for a year was “shower washing”. We would wash our exercise clothes in the shower and then hang them to dry. Our bathroom always had various items of clothing hanging to dry. While we were touring Asia, we didn’t have access to laundry (since we stayed in hotels) so we had to depend on dropping clothes off at a local laundry facility. We tried to limit the drop-offs to once a week.

I really enjoyed Singapore and would love to explore it further. I have added the Singapore Marathon to my list of “To Do” races. It is only a 10 hour flight from Auckland.