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Escape Room Fun

The Bepkos love their escape rooms.  Prior to leaving the US, we had completed around 10 rooms and were interested in keeping up the pace.  We’ve tried to complete an escape room in each of the countries we’ve visited and thought it would be fun to document the places and rooms conquered.

We will keep an running score at the top… and the most recent escape rooms experience will also be placed on the top so that readers don’t need to keep scrolling down to the end!



Siem Reap, Cambodia

Google maps said there were two escape rooms in Siem Reap for us to try.  Having done an escape room from the Escape Break team in Koh Samui, we decided to go with them for our Cambodia room.  Escape Break: Siem Reap had four rooms to choose from.  We naturally chose the City of Temples room given our proximity to Angkor Wat.

escape room capture

This was standard escape scenario that falls in the middle of the pack of all the other ones.  Some of the puzzles were a little different than we’d seen before and we – unfortunately – needed two hints in order to solve this in about 51 minutes.  Didn’t like the theme or the room as much as the Koh Samui Escape Break experience.  But a win is a win!


VERDICT:  Average.  But a little pricer for the local area.

COST: Also about $23 USD per person.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

E’s 15th birthday fell during our visit to Buenos Aires.  To celebrate her special day (yeah… like we needed an excuse to play an escape room) we found one named Eureka: The Escape Room.  Although the website was in Spanish, they responded to my email questions and requests in English.  Some of the rooms available were able to be completed in English although not all the rooms were bilingually comparably.  We chose:

escape room capture

We needed a hint to solve this one… and my father actually proved the most useful so far as he had the solution to one of the puzzles.  All in all though, this room was on the lower end of the scale regarding design and interest level.


VERDICT:  Meh.  But it worked as part of a birthday day of fun!

COST: Also about $12 USD per person.

Lima, Peru

Our first escape room outside the country was in Lima.  It was Kiddo’s 12th birthday so we thought we would start off with a fun family experience… even better, this was the first escape room with Grandmother Bepko!  Granddad had one under his belt (we took him on his first one in Dallas before we left on our trip).  We hoped he would be a little more useful in this one now that he knew what to expect.

We chose TRAP Cuartos de Escape for our first international room.  They had only two rooms but had the most professional looking website.  We chose…Escape Room Photo

Other than the cheesy introduction video (the one explaining HOW to play the game and actions to avoid – a video concept that is standard in content, but not execution, from room to room) this was a decent escape room.  The room had some cool and scary decor although it was on the simpler scale.  My mother pretty much just watched us although she did contribute one important detail that the rest of us had neglected to see.  And we won the room!  First International room completed.

Before we entered… we had such high expectations and we passed with flying colors.

VERDICT:  Interesting room.  We’d try the other room if we had the opportunity.

COST: About $12 USD per person.






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